Graphing Various Historical Economic Series

Each of the series listed below can be plotted on a graph between any two years (or days) in the range that the data are available. Note that the latest years available can vary and depend on when data are released.

The graph can be of the observations, or in log scale. Either one or two variables can be plotted at a time. Any two series can be compared either for one country or between two different countries. Check the box next to the series you wish to graph and click on the graph button at the bottom. A new page will then appear that will allow you to choose the range you want.

These data have been created by us using the highest standards of the fields of economics and history and are rigorously refereed by the most distinguished researchers in the fields. The sources for these data can be found in the Data Sets section of this site.

Annual Data

United States
United Kingdom

Daily Stock Indexes

Only one stock index can be graphed at a time. Note that graphing more that 1000 observations will take a long time and may not be allowed.

United States


"Graphing Various Historical Economic Series," MeasuringWorth, .

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