Exchange Rates Between the United States Dollar and Forty-one Currencies

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What Was the Exchange Rate between the U.S. Dollar and 40 Currencies?
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The table(s) present the price of one United States Dollar.

South Africa, 1960 - 2011

19600.3575 South African Pounds
19610.7164 Rand
19620.7149 Rand
19630.7169 Rand
19640.7190 Rand
19650.7180 Rand
19660.7188 Rand
19670.7190 Rand
19680.7189 Rand
19690.7199 Rand
19700.7182 Rand
19710.7128 Rand
19720.7726 Rand
19730.6950 Rand
19740.6804 Rand
19750.7328 Rand
19760.8707 Rand
19770.8696 Rand
19780.8695 Rand
19790.8423 Rand
19800.7780 Rand
19810.8713 Rand
19821.0835 Rand
19831.1130 Rand
19841.4382 Rand
19852.2343 Rand
19862.2919 Rand
19872.0385 Rand
19882.2770 Rand
19892.6214 Rand
19902.5885 Rand
19912.7633 Rand
19922.8524 Rand
19933.2729 Rand
19943.5526 Rand
19953.6284 Rand
19964.3011 Rand
19974.6072 Rand
19985.5417 Rand
19996.1191 Rand
20006.9468 Rand
20018.6093 Rand
200210.5176 Rand
20037.5550 Rand
20046.4402 Rand
20056.3606 Rand
20066.7668 Rand
20077.0477 Rand
20088.2480 Rand
20098.4117 Rand
20107.3161 Rand
20117.2510 Rand

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