Exchange Rates Between the United States Dollar and Forty-one Currencies

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What Was the Exchange Rate between the U.S. Dollar and 40 Currencies?
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The table(s) present the price of one United States Dollar.

India, 1916 - 1948

19163.04 Rupee
19172.92 Rupee
19182.72 Rupee
19192.48 Rupee
19202.57 Rupee
19213.81 Rupee
19223.48 Rupee
19233.21 Rupee
19243.15 Rupee
19252.76 Rupee
19262.75 Rupee
19272.75 Rupee
19282.74 Rupee
19292.76 Rupee
19302.77 Rupee
19312.97 Rupee
19323.80 Rupee
19333.14 Rupee
19342.64 Rupee
19352.71 Rupee
19362.67 Rupee
19372.68 Rupee
19382.73 Rupee
19393.00 Rupee
19403.32 Rupee
19413.32 Rupee
19423.32 Rupee
19433.32 Rupee
19443.32 Rupee
19453.32 Rupee
19463.32 Rupee
19473.32 Rupee
19483.31 Rupee

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