Vintage Data Sets of UK GDP

Annual and Quarterly GDP Series as published from 1953 to the Present.

The data presented here are the official United Kingdom GDP numbers published annually since 1953 and quarterly since 1961.

The annual data are 56 spreadsheets. one for each year starting in 1953 and then every year since 1959. They each present nominal GDP, real GDP, population, unemployed, real GDP per capita, nominal GDP per capita, and the implied deflator. Most of the series start in 1948 and go up to the year previous to when they are published.

Annual Data Sets

The quarterly data contain three spread sheets. The first starts with the data published first in the third quarter of 1961 and each quarter thereafter. It presents quarterly real GDP from 1955 to the previous quarter as reported when they are first published. The second spreadsheet presents nominal GDP for the same period, but these series only start in 1982 and are not complete. The third sheet uses the data in the first two to calculate the implied GDP deflator.

Quarterly Data Sets

These data may be used for research and publications if proper credit is given. However, users are prohibited from reproducing more than five years of these data in electronic or print documents without specific permission. Anyone is allowed to publish electronic links to these data.


Enrico Berkes and Samuel H. Williamson, "Annual and Quarterly GDP Series as published from 1953 to the Present."

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